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5. I need to get access to my cd when I boot from floppy but my windows 95 boot disk doesn't do this. How do I create a boot disk that does?

This is quite common and is quite easily done. First you need to create a system disk which you can do in windows. Double click the my computer icon and then right click on your floppy drive and choose format from the popup menu. In the dialog box check the box to copy system files so it will be a bootable disk. Next you need to modify 2 files. The first is a file named CONFIG.SYS and the second is a file named Autoexec.BAT.

First file to change is CONFIG.SYS. In windows right click on the config.sys file and choose 'open with' from the popup menu. In the dialog box that pops up choose notepad (and ensure the box marked 'always use this program to open this type of file' in unchecked). This will open the file in notepad so that a line similar to:

device=A:\oakcdrom.sys /D:OEMCD001

can be added. The important thing about this line is that the file oakcdrom.sys must exist in the stated location (in this case the root directory). This file is the first part of the CD rom driver. You will need to copy this file to the floppy drive from it's location on your hard drive. (use the normal windows search to locate it). Once this line has been added then the file can be saved and the second file (Autoexec.BAT) can be edited. Notepad will open this file directly provided that you choose 'all files' in the files of type box. In this file you will need a line similar to


The first thing to note about this line is that the file MSCDEX.EXE must exist on the floppy and it wil need to be copied from your hard drive. It normally resides in the C:\windows\command directory. The second point to note is that the part /D:OEMCD001 must be the same in both the config.sys and the autoexec.bat files.
The final point is that the part /l:d means assign it drive letter D which is fine if you only have 1 hard drive but will need changing otherwise (best choice will be the same letter as windows assigns). After you have saved this then when you boot to floppy you should have access to your cd drive as drive D (or whichever letter you assigned above if it was different..

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